Installing InKey 2.0

Download one of the following installers:

InKey Setup (IPA) InKey installer with the International Phonetic Alphabet keyboard built-in
InKey Setup (Mozhi) InKey installer with a Malayalam keyboard built in

Once InKey has been installed, additional Tinker-format keyboards can be installed individually by downloading and running them.

deva-DevRom The DevRom layout for Devanagari
deva-Winscript Includes layouts for Hindi and Full Deva Winscript (with access to the full Devanagari block)
beng-Winscript 3 keyboard layouts in Bengali script: Bengali, Bangla, Hajong
gujr-Winscript User-customizable layout for Gujarati
guru-Winscript User-customizable layout for Gurmukhi
knda-Winscript User-customizable layout for Kannada.
orya-Winscript User-customizable layout for Odiya (formerly Oriya).
taml-Winscript User-customizable layout for Tamil
telu-Winscript User-customizable layout for Telugu
mlym-Winscript User-customizable layout for Malayalam
mlym-Mozhi Malayalam keyboard for typing as if Romanized
ru-RussianPhonetic Phonetic layout for Russian
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) keyboard
grek-KoineGreek Koine Greek layout
hebr-ClassicalHebrew Classical Hebrew
latn-Tinker For Tinker keyboard developers to type Tinker special characters
Generic Sample keyboard template
  more coming soon...

Legacy keyboards are still available to members who previously had access to them.